Vanilla Creme Brulee
tahitian vanilla custard,
burnt sugar, almond biscotti

Filipino sticky rice cake, coconut milk,
brown sugar, unsweetened coconut flakes, candied ginger crème anglaise

Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme
death by chocolate pudding,
macerated mixed berries

Gran Marnier Chocolate Mousse Torte
double fudge cake,
dark chocolate mousse
hazelnut coffee crème anglaise

Seasonal Fruit and Berry Cobbler
honey basil infused biscuit,
vanilla ice cream, bourbon caramel

White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding
day old brioche and croissants,
white chocolate anglaise,
cinnamon dolce crema, bourbon caramel

Grilled Sour Cream Pound Cake
grand marnier strawberries, vanilla crema